Notre Dame Medical School welcomes Women's Council President

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Media Release

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Fall 24-5-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The president of the National Council of Women of Australia, Mrs Leonie Christopherson, recently visited The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Medicine to tour the facilities and learn more about WA’s first graduate entry medical degree.

Mrs Christopherson, who has lived in 20 different locations, five different countries and five different States in Australia, is a writer and editor of two United Nation’s anthologies and the world editor of the International Council of Women's quarterly bulletin. The Council which Mrs Christopherson heads encourages the participation of women in all facets of community life while also acting as a lobby group for issues raised by Australian women.

Her interest in the School of Medicine lay in the desire to learn more about the innovation of blending academic approaches with hands-on practical classes. Mrs Christopherson said she was particularly proud to hear of the success (and percentage) of female medical students at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame’s medical degree has a strong regional and rural focus, placing its students in areas of unmet medical need, which is another element Mrs Christopherson is particularly interested in as her son is a nurse for the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

“His work has increased my awareness of the difficult distance and terrain that challenges us in this wonderful country. Through its regional and rural focus Notre Dame’s Medical School plays a most important role in this State and this country,” said Mrs Christopherson.

Mrs Christopherson was also impressed by the school’s building and facilities: “I admire the architect’s expertise in preserving the historic buildings yet providing state-of-the-art facilities for students.. how could you NOT learn in such an ambience?

“I think recovery for patients will be speedier because of Notre Dame's teaching of communication and consideration for the patient as a person - as well as correct clinical care. Retaining a patient’s dignity is so important. The school is stunning and inspiring and should be replicated all over Australia.” she said.

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