Notre Dame Broome Campus attends Annual North West Expo

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Media Release

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Fall 10-5-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Broome

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Notre Dame Broome Campus once again joined locals and visitors at the 2006 Annual North West Expo in early May.

The campus set up an informative display for the two day Expo and received several Registrations of Interest in courses available on Broome Campus.

Executive Director Gavin Greaves said the Expo was a great opportunity for staff and students to talk to people about the campus.

“We had a group of enthusiastic nursing students on hand to take blood pressure readings and to talk to potential students about their experiences on Broome Campus.

“Expo is not only a way for the public to see what is available in and around Broome but also for us to listen to feedback about what the general public feel is important for a university campus in the Kimberley,” said Mr Greaves.