Outstanding school leavers accept early offers to Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Summer 13-1-2010

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University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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65 New South Wales school leavers have accepted the offer of a place at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus as part of the Early Offer Program (EOP).

The Program was introduced two years ago to give secondary schools the opportunity to nominate academically strong students who have made an outstanding contribution to school, Church and community life.

Ms Demelza Haines, Assistant Manager of the Sydney Admissions Office, commented, “We were very impressed with the applicants this year, particularly with the breadth of their achievement – both academically and in community and extracurricular activities. This program is a great opportunity for outstanding students to be acknowledged and we are pleased that so many of them have accepted their offers.”

The Sydney Campus hosted a special breakfast for these applicants, at which students, their families and school representatives were invited to celebrate the achievement of each individual school leaver. It also enabled the applicants to mingle with academics and staff of the university in an informal setting.

The students were addressed by Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Margot Kearns, who welcomed the students, congratulating them on their achievements and advised them on what to expect as undergraduate students at Notre Dame.

“To be offered this place at the University is a real tribute to your effort and hard work”

“The transition from secondary to tertiary education can be quite difficult, but I’m sure you will quickly become a part of this University community and will thrive in both the academic and social environment.”

Each student was presented with a gift and had the chance to enroll immediately in their chosen course.

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