Notre Dame's West End Dash for Teen Cancer Support

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Media Release

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Fall 31-3-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia held its third annual West End Dash on Thursday March 30. The event is co-ordinated by third year health and physical education students as part of their sports event management course.

The 110 m dash, between Henry and Cliff Streets, was open to all local businesses and community members as well as students and staff. The cheerful event had its fair share of crazy competitors…. Batman, The Flash and Sonny and Cher made an appearance along with some zany ballerina style Dockers supporters.

West End Dash organiser Sarah Fogliani said the race was a great way to energise the student life on campus while also learning how to run (excuse the pun) a sporting event.

“Not only does the event promote the ‘Find 30’ campaign, getting out and having fun and the Notre Dame spirit on campus, but it also teaches us how organise sporting events such as school carnivals which we will have to do when we get our first teaching jobs. It’s really opened our eyes.

“It took 5 weeks to organise with things like road closures, getting approval from the Fremantle Council, fundraising and finding sponsorship. The West End businesses were really supportive so we had some great prizes to give away,” she said.

The event included the men and women’s individual dash, the group relay dash and the famous three-legged dash, notorious for bizarre costumes and the odd tumble. “Of course we also had to consider things like risk management, and funnily enough not one person hurt themselves except for the girl who’s job it was to organise the risk management, “ said Sarah.

Another highlight was the winner of the men’s individual breaking the record of 12.02s with an impressive 11.63s dash.

According to Sarah: “The response was fantastic, so many people turned up and all the races were fully booked. We’re looking forward to it being even bigger and better next year.”

All the money raised goes towards Canteen, an Australian organisation that supports and empowers young people living with cancer. The students chose this particular charity to honour the memory of a fellow student who died of cancer.

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