Notre Dame's School Of Medicine (Fremantle Campus) Attracts Funding For More Medical Students From Rural Australia

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Media Release

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Summer 23-2-2006

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia has been successful in its application to the Commonwealth Government for funding under the Rural Undergraduate Support and Coordination (RUSC) Program.

RUSC is an initiative of the Department of Health and Ageing which is aimed at servicing health needs in regional areas.

“We were required to meet 7 highly specific parameters to qualify for the RUSC funding.” said Notre Dame’s Professor of Clinical Years, Professor Bernard Pearn-Rowe.

"The RUSC programme aims to encourage country students to undertake medical training and ensures that all possible support is given to students applying from rural areas. This support can take many forms ranging from the establishment of a Rural Students' Club to requirements relating to the standard of the rural curriculum. "

Professor Pearn-Rowe has been working closely with the Department of Health and Ageing to promote Notre Dame’s participation in this important rural health initiative.

Notre Dame’s is committed to providing more doctors in rural and remote areas. The second cohort of medical students was welcomed this month.