Support wanted for medical students' blood drive

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Media Release

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Winter 23-8-2005

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Notre Dame's medical students are calling on staff members and fellow students to support their efforts in donating blood as part of a competition run by the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA).

Each year AMSA holds a national competition to get the most blood donations from each university. Notre Dame's medical students want to spread the word and make their mark as the first cohort of Western Australia 's second medical school.

Notre Dame medical student & AMSA Representative Dan Shorter said, "As medical students we believe that it is important to give something back to the community and support a worthy cause. By participating in the annual AMSA Blood Drive , we hope to raise awareness for the vital need of blood and how it can save lives, even if that means getting acquainted with the business end of the needle."

Mr Shorter concluded that around 3% of Australians donate blood yet around 1 in 3 will need blood at some stage during their life.

If you would like to support the medical students' cause, appointments to donate blood can be made with Red Cross Fremantle on 9431 2111 or 13 14 95.

For media related information contact: The Media Office, University of Notre Dame, Direct line: 08 9433 0698, Mobile: 0408 959 138, Email: media@nd.edu.au