WA's newest medical school seeks volunteer patients

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Media Release

Publication Date

Winter 5-8-2005

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Medicine is seeking volunteers to assist students with their medical training, by offering themselves as simulated patients.

The project, called the Volunteer Associate and Simulated Patient Program aims to provide first year medical students with the opportunity to practice their clinical skills with simulated patients.

Acting Dean from the School of Medicine, Professor Jenny McConnell said, “This program will assist our students in learning valuable clinical skills and the volunteers in turn also become teachers to WA’s future doctors.”

The University requires volunteers with different backgrounds for the program: Simulated patients -people who have no symptoms of disease and can assist the students in developing good interviewing skills; and Volunteer Associates - those that do have symptoms of disease and are ‘experts’ in their conditions.

All volunteers involved in the program will participate in a training and briefing process, and all information about their involvement in the program is confidential.

For further information about the program, please contact Deborah Mailey in the College of Medicine on 08 9433 0228.

For media related information contact: The Media Office, University of Notre Dame, Direct line: 08 9433 0698, Mobile: 0408 959 138, Email: media@nd.edu.au