Notre Dame Student leads the way in social justice

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Media Release

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Winter 18-7-2005

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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Master of Leadership and Social Justice student Robyn Pickrell, is raising funds to purchase mosquito nets for residents of East Timor.

Mrs Pickrell was inspired by the Millenium Development Goals which outline strategies to address extreme poverty in its many dimensions, which was further reinforced by her visit to the country last year.

“Whilst I was in East Timor I truly understood the meaning of poverty. They are located so close to us in Australia, yet are quite disadvantaged. On my return I thought about the ways that I could assist the East-Timorese to improve their standard of living.

The East Timorese people earn a $1 a day so they’re not likely to spend $8 on a mosquito net. If we can supply these and educate them on the benefits of their use, then it is a simple, yet effective way to make a difference in the prevention of disease,” said Mrs Pickrell.

Mrs Pickrell has also been instrumental in establishing a social justice group at Notre Dame to assist with this and other causes.

“Social Justice is one of our core values here at Notre Dame and I’d like to encourage my fellow students to get involved and be aware of the injustices that exist in the world. We may only be a small ripple in a large ocean, but you have to start somewhere”.

Service Learning & Volunteering Coordinator Jo Dallimore said, “Robyn lives what she talks. She is empowering people to become involved and helping them understand that they can make a difference”.

If you would like to assist Mrs Pickrell in her efforts to raise funds for this worthy cause, please contact Jo Dallimore in Student Services on 08 9433 0841.

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