Public lecture presented by leading social justice authority at Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Winter 16-6-2005

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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The WA College of Community Psychologists, in conjunction with The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Behavioural Science is holding a public lecture by Dr Simon Adams titled, “Creating connections between the rhetoric and reality of teaching social justice.”

Dr Adams is the Dean of the College of Arts and also lectures in social justice, politics, and history at Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus. His previous teaching programs have included taking students to East Timor to experience first hand the rigours of rebuilding a country devastated by years of war and occupation.

Dr Adams’ lecture will provide insight into how he established this and other programs and the benefits derived from such an experience for students.

“Notre Dame has a strong commitment to fostering the ethical development of our students, alongside their professional and intellectual development. I believe our teaching not only helps students understand the world we live in, but inspires them to help change it.

The learning experiences I have shared with my students on the many filed trips I have been involved in, including those to East Timor, have been extremely rewarding,” he said.

Dr Adams was educated at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. While undertaking PhD research in 1995, Dr. Adams was attached to the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, where he worked with former political prisoners in Soweto.

A specialist in Australian and Irish history, as well as terrorism and international political conflict, Dr Adams has published academic work in all these areas. In July 2000 Dr Adams was the first Australian to be invited to act as an International Peace Observer in Northern Ireland. Dr Adams is also a political commentator on ABC radio and writes regularly for newspapers and magazines. He has authored three books including his most recent, "All the Troubles: Terrorism, War & the World After 9/11".

The lecture will be held on Tuesday 21, June at 5.30pm at Notre Dame, Fremantle. For further information, please contact Dawn Darlaston-Jones on 08 9433 0567 or ddarlaston-jones@nd.edu.au