The power of influence at work

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Media Release

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Fall 31-3-2005

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

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A Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Public Relations from Notre Dame’s College of Business has contributed to a new book that aims to show managers how to become more influential in business.

Internationally-recognised author Thomas Murrell wrote a chapter in the latest book in the Management Today series produced by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), 'Understanding Influence for Leaders of All Levels'.

According to Mr Murrell, mastering the fine art of persuasion and how to use it to influence people in business has become one of the most important keys to success for managers today.

"In today's organisation leaders must know how to influence others if they are to get things done. The old principle of exerting power by command and control no longer applies, instead collaboration and the emotional engagement of employees is the new bottom line for managers at all levels.

In short, the power to persuade and influence others are the skills that turn a manager into a good leader," Mr Murrell said.

The good news is the skills can be learned and exercised by people in every tier of an organisation, a theory echoed in every essay in this concise volume.

Thomas Murrell introduces the concept of integrity marketing and illustrates how to communicate to influence others positively.

Other chapters focus on strategies for leaders who want to influence fundamental changes in the direction, culture and behaviour of their organisations, one of the most challenging issues facing business today.

In total, the Australian Institute of Management commissioned nine leading business commentators to contribute each chapter, including former Wallaby captain and business director John Eales.

'Understanding Influence for Leaders at all Levels' is not a textbook. The essays combine background theory with real world application demonstrated in plenty of case studies, and offer practical guidance for all Leaders.

'Understanding Influence for Managers at all Levels' is the latest addition to AIM's Management Today Series and is published by McGraw-Hill. The series includes six books which present the work of almost 50 authors and collectively explore more than 70 management and leadership topics. The books are sold in seven countries including the USA and UK.

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Image: Senior Lecturer in Marketing & PR, Tom Murrell, Photo courtesy of Western Suburbs Weekly