Notre Dame offers a theatrical 'Peep' into its unique history

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Media Release

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Spring 23-10-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broadway Campus recently hosted an afternoon of interactive and theatrical history as part of the festival, Peepshow: Chippendale...behind closed doors.

The festival encouraged local businesses to open their doors to the community and to show people the creative industries and artists existing in the eclectic and historic suburb of Chippendale.

The day consisted of four themed tours each taking audience to four different locations across the suburb.

Notre Dame was one the official Peepshow tour sites. Visitors to the Campus were invited to take a ‘step back in time’ and learn about the origins of the buildings which date back to 1845.

The University’s theatre studies program played a large role on the day, with a number of students acting out parts of the tour.

A ‘town-crier’ herded the groups together and the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ welcomed the tour into St Benedict’s church.

Theatre studies coordinator, Ms Jane Bergeron, said the Chippendale Peepshow was a great initiative and a big success for the University.

“The students did a fantastic job reenacting parts of Notre Dame’s history and giving over 70 visitors from the local community unique insight into the Campus.

“Whilst on the tours people met an opera singing ghost, heard Australia’s second oldest set of church bells ringing, saw a 1870s primary school class in action and bumped into a few nuns along the way,” said Ms Jane Bergeron.

The Notre Dame Broadway site started as St Benedict’s School and Parish in the 1840s. St Benedict’s Parish and church are still flourishing and the school buildings have now been adapted for the University’s use.

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