Notre Dame Education students make learning fun

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Media Release

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Spring 17-9-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Maths with a fun focus is benefiting many of the students at Beaconsfield Primary School, especially those who are enrolled in the Intensive English Centre (IEC) classes.

The IEC centre at Beaconsfield is for children who do not have sufficient English for a main stream classroom.

The Beaconsfield IEC children are bused in from areas where they live as far reaching as Rivervale, Kwinana, East Victoria Park as well as locally. When their English reaches a sufficient level they return to their schools.

Education students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus visit the class weekly for a hands-on teaching experience as part of an assessment for their maths specialty unit.

Using the internationally acclaimed maths card game, Numero, which has been sponsored for the school by RIC Publications, students work to encourage and develop the maths skills of the children.

Notre Dame’s Manager, Office of Professional Practice in the School of Education, Ms Serena Davie, explains: “Mathematics research indicates that children must articulate their moves orally for maximum learning. The game works well to reinforce language as well as mathematics with these children.

“Another great benefit is that the game is able to improve the mathematical thinking of struggling and excelling students of all ages. It is also fun and inexpensive!”

Many of the children in the IEC come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have migrated to Australia, with their families, from countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Afghanistan and Burma.

Some have never had toys, played games in their homes or even attended formal schooling. Beaconsfield Primary School’s Principal, Mr Graham Dart said, “This partnership is a win win for both Beaconsfield Primary students and Notre Dame. The interactions not only promote mathematical thinking and test operations knowledge; they also provide an excellent language experience. The Education students get to hone their instructional techniques and make a positive difference to a child’s day.”

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