Broome Campus represented at World Youth Day

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Media Release

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Winter 28-7-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Broome Campus

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Broome Campus Indigenous research assistant, Ms Erica Spry, was one of four keynote speakers to lecture at the Catholic Earthcare Australia’s, Caring for God’s Creation seminar, during World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney.

Ms Spry joined Catholic Earthcare Australia Chair, Bishop Chris Toohey; CEO of the Papua New Guinea, Environmental Law Centre Chief Executive Officer, Anne Kajir, and Australia Youth Climate Coalition National Coordinator, Amanda McKenzie, at Darling Harbour’s Bayside Convention Centre to discuss environmental issues.

Ms Spry, a Bardi woman from the Dampier Peninsular north of Broome, related her life growing up as an Aboriginal Catholic and discussed how both her traditional culture and her Catholic teachings encouraged her to respect all of God’s creations.

The former Indigenous engagement officer with the State Government’s Rangelands Natural Resource Management Coordinating Group, explained how environmental organisations were working with Traditional Owners throughout the Kimberley to preserve the land, and also gave an insight into the Bardi people’s connection to country.

Ms Spry said it was an honour to share her story and participate during World Youth Day. In her speech she reflected on her personal journey - “In 1993, fifteen years ago, I was the Kimberley Region’s Coordinator for the second World Indigenous Youth Conference that took place in Darwin. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, but I assisted in getting the third largest delegation of 160 youths and elders to attend. God works in mysterious ways and what I could not do in 1993, he now has given me this evening with you all to remind you all to ‘Care for his Creations .”