Theatre students perform inaugural production to a sell-out crowd

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Media Release

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Winter 3-6-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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Students from the School of Arts and Sciences recently performed their first full length theatre production to a sold-out crowd at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney.

The third year Theatre Studies students performed the play, Metamorphoses, over two nights in the Broadway site courtyard, against the backdrop of the University’s main building.

Metamorphoses is based on Ovid’s tales of Greek and Roman myths. The original play was nominated for the Tony award for Best Play and Best Scenic Design in 2002 and won the Tony for Best Director for its author, Mary Zimmerman.

The performance was the final assessment in the Theatre Studies unit, Text – based Performance Workshop. This involved the students working towards the production the entire semester; creating the sets, organising lighting, costumes and producing the play.

Coordinator for the Theatre Studies Program, and director of the Notre Dame production, Jane Bergeron, said the students worked creatively together to make a vibrant and stimulating production.

“The staging for this play usually includes a huge pool of water in and around which all the action takes place. The challenge for the students was to maintain a sense of the original theatrical concept without a set-building budget, and still have a dynamic, exciting production.

“By setting the play against the architecture of the Sydney Campus the students created a stunning backdrop that included lots of interesting playing levels, a balcony for the gods, a Gothic arch for love scenes and the fire escape for the journey down to Hades. They did a fantastic job,” said Ms Bergeron.

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