Notre Dame nursing students face the challenges of an Intensive Care Unit

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Media Release

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Fall 20-5-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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A group of second year nursing students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s (UNDA) Fremantle Campus visited the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at one of Western Australia’s major public hospitals, Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) recently.

UNDA Nursing Lecturer/Year 3 Co-ordinator, Michael Hall and tutors, Minnetta Jackson and Kelly Fitzgerald work in RPH’s ICU and took the opportunity to introduce the students to some of the challenging scenarios and case studies as part of their ‘Understanding the Disease process’ unit.

“The students were introduced to the care of trauma, burns and long term ICU patients. They were able to see first-hand what ICU nurses do and also what their university teachers do when we’re not at Notre Dame!” said Mr Hall.

Second year nursing student, Julie Baile explains: “We got to see first-hand the types of accidents and illnesses that Minnetta and other nursing staff deal with. It was certainly an eye opener for me as I had never been exposed to patients with such serious trauma and to see the nursing staff care for these patients was very inspirational.”

Nursing student, Karen Lumia added, “It was very inspiring to see how we as nurses begin at novice level yet have the potential to become absolute experts in our field.”

The experience also proved to be very rewarding for the staff.

“It was great experience for me to show the students ‘my world’ and to have them interact with ICU staff and to see a variety of patients that we care for,” said Ms Jackson.

“The students were very appreciative,” said Mr Hall. “It is planned to offer similar visits to nursing students with an interest in a career in intensive care.”

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