Fremantle's West End comes alive

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Media Release

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Fall 25-3-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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The West End of Fremantle came alive last week as third year Health and Physical Education students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus held the annual West End Dash.

The West End Dash is part of the Health and Physical Education unit: ‘Sports Events Management for Teachers’ and involves coordinating a range of sporting events.

Dr Beth Hands, Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences explained, “We’re getting the students to look at a number of different ways of running sporting events or celebrations and particularly what’s involved in planning them.”

The West End Dash involved staff and students as well as members of the local community. The event consists of a male; female; veterans’ category, a relay and a three-legged race.

Students are given six weeks to plan the event as a team, raise the funds needed, promote the event and bring it all together at the end. “Each year it’s run differently by the students. They don’t get ‘this is how it happened last year’ they get the very bare bones, the rough structure and it’s up to them on how they run it,” said Dr Hands.

Health and Physical Education student, Adam Palumbo, said, “This event showed me just how much preparation is needed to make an event a successful one. Early organisation was crucial as we needed to raise funds and to effectively promote the event.”

When asked what she most got from the event, student Lauren Scott said, “It would have to be on the day, seeing the success of our event and all our hard work pay off. It was valuable experience seeing first-hand how much organising and prior preparation goes into having a successful event.”

The unit will also include other sporting events such as the Bathers Beach triathlon which will be held at Bathers Beach on Wednesday 26 March at 7.30am.

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