Nursing student awarded State recognition for artwork

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Media Release

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Fall 5-3-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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Nursing student and budding young artist, Primrose Rodley, from The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney has achieved state wide recognition for her artwork - currently being displayed by the Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW).

The first year student’s final year 12 HSC art assignment ‘Nerds’ was chosen, along with other students’ work, for the 2008 ARTEXPRESS exhibition, which annually showcases the top HSC Visual Arts projects from the previous year.

It is a popular exhibition which includes a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, collections of work, drawings, paintings, printmaking, sculpture and videos.

Out of the 9283 major pieces of work that were submitted this year only 62 were chosen and displayed in the Art Gallery of NSW.

Ms Rodley, who went to De La Salle College, Cronulla, said she got her inspiration for her paintings of three life size ‘nerds’ from the different people you see in and around the city.

“They are the sort of characters you would see out and about in Sydney that catch your attention by their contradicting looks of ‘nerdiness’ and heavy metal.

“It reinforces the idea that you can’t judge by appearances. They could be lovely guys or criminals. I think they are hysterical,” Ms Rodley said.

Her project will be displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW until the end of March. In July it will be displayed at the Dubbo Regional Gallery.

“I feel very honoured my hard work has been recognised in ARTEXPRESS. I had a really difficult time last year. It was year 12, I had a virus and I broke my knee playing netball just before my HSC trial exams. So to have my art chosen was a really exciting and positive way to finish the year,” said Ms Rodley.

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