Stolen Generation apology welcomed by Notre Dame Broome

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Media Release

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Summer 12-2-2008

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia Broome Campus held a special ceremony on 11 February in anticipation of the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd’s, apology to the Stolen Generation in parliament.

The ceremony entitled : Doing something new in Australia, featured the proclamation of a letter welcoming the apology. The letter, written by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Broome, Sr Sonia Wagner sgs on behalf of Broome Campus staff, will be sent to Mr Rudd’s office. “We give strong support to continued funding by the Commonwealth, of sustained acts of practical reconciliation that will narrow those critical gaps that exist in health, housing, education, employment and life expectancy.” The letter said.

The ceremony included a Welcome to Country and blessing by Yawuru elder Cissy Djaigween and a presentation by Tertiary Enabling Coordinator Br Shane Wood who dispelled some of the myths surrounding the apology.

Director of the Centre for Indigenous Studies Associate Professor Lyn Henderson-Yates said Aboriginal people had waited a long time to hear an Australian government apologise to the stolen generation for past policies which caused long standing pain and loss for many people.

“Prime Minister Rudd and his government are to be congratulated for taking this important step which provides opportunities for healing thus enabling Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to walk together in partnership,” she said.

“Apologising for past injustices enables the Australian nation to move forward with a greater sense of responsibility and maturity.”

Media contact: Mike Doyle 08 9192 0668 Sr Sonia Wagner sgs 08 9192 0641