CEO of The Climate Institute speaks on carbon pricing

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Media Release

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Spring 30-9-2011

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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“From the impacts of carbon pricing to carbon investment bubbles to carbon capture and storage, the public debate on climate change has been riddled with misinformation; caught in the cross fire of Australia’s culture wars; and swamped by short sightedness.” John Connor

The University of Notre Dame Australia embarked upon a series of events in 2011 intended to present various viewpoints on the climate change debate. Following the Lang Hancock Annual Lecture delivered by Lord Christopher Monkton in June, the second lecture in the series was delivered by Mr John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.

Recently returned from China where he was part of a delegation examining sustainable cities led by former Governor General, Major General Michael Jeffery, Mr Connor spoke about the Commonwealth Government’s proposed legislation to put a price on carbon pollution.

He suggested to the audience that the issue of climate change should be a matter of ‘risk management’, comparing it to implementing a plan to defend Australia.

He was critical of the role of the media in the debate saying that they were promoting a deep fear of reforms.

“If Australia is to remain competitive internationally we need to reduce carbon emission,” he stressed.” “This is not a tax on carbon but a price on pollution.”

Executive Dean of Business, Professor Chris Doepel said Mr Connor’s lecture was an illuminating non-partisan survey of the public policy issues that lie at the heart of the climate change debate.

“He led the audience out from under the cloud of media hype and political spin and offered them a considered view of the critical issues,” Professor Doepel explains.

“Notre Dame is pleased to have hosted The Climate Institute’s John Connor. He gave his audience an opportunity to hear an independent voice in the current public debate.”

A third event will be held on Tuesday 18 October at which a panel of three will focus on the moral dimension of climate change. For more information please contact Stacie O’Neill on 9433 0581 or email Stacie.oneill@nd.edu.au

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Mr John Connor's presentation: Risk, Rorts and Realities in the Climate Debate: Public Policy, Citizenship and Investment in the era of Post Truth Politics.