Journey from Sydney to Madrid

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Media Release

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Winter 12-8-2011

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a pilgrim? Curious about what will go on at the largest gathering of youth the world has ever seen? Now you can follow 23 students from the University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus, who are on the road to Madrid for the World Youth Day celebrations.

The group is being led by Cardinal George Pell as part of the Sydney Archdiocesan ‘Exodus Encounter’. Each student will share the stages of their journey through their blog, Notre Dame Students Towards MADWYD 2011, which is now featured on the University website.

The pilgrims have been on the move towards Spain since 2 August and have so far travelled to the glittering metropolis of Dubai and across the sands of Cairo and are now walking the ancient roads of the Holy Land. Already, there have been heat waves, camel rides and broken bones alongside Church services, quiet reflections and life lessons – and that’s just the first four days.

To follow the footsteps of The University of Notre Dame Australia Pilgrims, go to http://www.nd.edu.au/.

Media Contact: Elizabeth Fenech (+61) 2 8204 4407