Mother and Daughter acknowledged at Nursing Awards Ceremony

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Media Release

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Summer 16-12-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus School of Nursing, recently held their annual awards night to recognise those students who excelled in their studies for the 2009 Academic Year. Also presented on the night were mentor awards, awards for excellence in teaching and presentation of Adjunct Appointments.

2009 Nursing Graduate Alexandra Sutherland and her mother Adjunct Associate Professor Robyn Sutherland, Director of Nursing St John of God Hospital Murdoch, both received recognition at the ceremony.

Professor Selma Alliex, Dean, School of Nursing said that this was a unique situation in the School where a mother and daughter were acknowledged at the same ceremony for different reasons.

“Aside from awards given to our students by Donors, the School of Nursing has Special Commendation Awards for students who have gone through the course in spite of having to deal with extra- curricular or personal commitments during the course either in relation to themselves or their families. Alexandra Sutherland received one of the Special Commendation Award.”

“Robyn was appointed an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Nursing for her contribution as an inaugural member of the Nursing Advisory Board and her ongoing support for the School of Nursing,” said Professor Alliex.

Adjunct Associate Professor Sutherland said she felt very honoured to be awarded this appointment and very proud to have had a close association over the years with the Notre Dame School of Nursing.

“St John of God Hospital Murdoch has always worked very closely with Notre Dame, working collaboratively to facilitate a very high standard of nursing education, both at an academic and clinical practicum level. We have also worked together to achieve innovative solutions to improve the learning experience of nursing students both within the hospital and at the University.”

“It has also been very rewarding to have been involved on the Nursing Advisory Board of Notre Dame, which has provided advisory support to the School of Nursing, and seen the ongoing development of nursing programs offered, increased opportunities for nursing students, and the high level of industry satisfaction with the quality of nurse that has graduated through the Notre Dame programs.”

The ceremony concluded with the passing of the candles from the graduating students to the 2nd year students.

Professor Alliex explains, “Light symbolises the presence of nurturing. As nurses this is practised by providing the best possible care to patients and clients. The Nursing candle was given to us by a Nurse-Theorist, Professor Jean Watson, personally when she was at our University in 2002. This is the same light we pass on to our graduating students to take with them on their nursing journey. The graduating students then pass this on to our second year students to symbolise the continuation of the burning passion for Nursing”.

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