Politics staff and students support Great 2009 Freo Mayoral Debate

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Media Release

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Spring 15-9-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Once again the Fremantle School of Arts and Sciences staff and students are supporting local politics by co-hosting the Great 2009 Freo Mayoral Debate. The debate, also supported by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, Fremantle Society and Fremantle Network, is being held at the Fremantle Town Hall on Tuesday 22 September 2009 at 7.30pm.

Building on the success of the Fremantle Bi-Election Debate hosted by the University earlier this year attracting an audience of over 350 people, the Mayoral debate will provide an important opportunity for the wider Fremantle community to hear first-hand from candidates on their vision for the city.

Politics and International Relations lecturer at Notre Dame, Dr Martin Drum, said that providing students with opportunities to witness political debate firsthand would be invaluable.

“We tend to get one-liners through the media, and bits and pieces of parliamentary debate, but it’s rare that many of us see political aspirants in action.

“Holding a public debate makes our representatives more accountable. They have to defend their promises, policies and general public comments.”

Dr Drum said that Notre Dame students would be helping to run the debate on the night, which he believes will add to their learning experience.

“Who knows, some students may decide to enter politics one day themselves. We can never have too many passionate and principled political aspirants.”

Dr Drum said that he hoped such debates became regular occurrences around Federal, State and Local election time.

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