Arts & Sciences academic helps – ABC’s Can We Help?

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Media Release

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Winter 17-8-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Notre Dame’s Politics and International Relations lecturer, Dr Martin Drum, provided ‘all the answers’ when interviewed by the popular ABC television program Can we Help?

Dr Drum was part of the show’s Ask the Expert section of the show which sees some of the most esteemed experts attempt to answer viewers’ questions.

Can We Help? is an audience-driven series with the questions and stories coming from around Australia.

People are encouraged to contact the program for its help on issues such as, locating someone that they may have lost contact with, a moment in time that they have wondered about, mysteries in life that have always puzzled them or a word origin they can’t fathom.

Dr Drum answered a range of queries relating to politics which school students had sent in.

Many of these were questions everyday Australians have often pondered Dr Drum explained.

“Questions such as whether we could see a third party emerge in Australian Politics, what opinion polls can tells us and what “filibustering” means?”

Dr Drum said that he welcomed the opportunity to address some of these questions on a program like Can We Help?

“I’m pleased to see that young people want to know more about our political system. The more interest we take in politics, the better outcomes we can hope to achieve in public life.”

Dr Drum said that the strong interest that Notre Dame has received for its Politics and International Relations program would support the contention that people of all ages were starting to engage more than they had before.

The program will go to air in coming weeks.

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