Living Human Rights students raise awareness of ‘Human Trafficking’

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Media Release

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Fall 13-5-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Students from the unit Living Human Rights, from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus, recently held an expo to raise awareness of human trafficking.

The unit, Living Human Rights, introduces students to human rights from a number of interrelated perspectives: global and local; professional and personal; present and historical. It explores how human rights need to form an integral part of how we relate to each other, as people and professionals, in a human and ethical way.

As part of the unit, students were required to put together a campaign to raise awareness on a human rights issue.

“As a group, we decided to run an expo to raise awareness within the university about the human rights issue of child trafficking,” said Mr Paul Winter, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts student.

The stalls raised awareness about sex tourism (sexual exploitation of women and children), illegal adoptions, child slavery on the cocoa farms in Africa, and child soldiers.

“We also supplied a free lunch,” said Ms Tara Devoy, Bachelor of Counselling student, “and were supported by representatives from the Save the Children organisation who attended and raised a little money for the cause while they were there.” “Over a 110 people showed up in the first twenty minutes alone, and many stopped to take literature and listen to ideas presented at the different booths,” said Mr Tom Staudt, study abroad student from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Mr Winter said the event was a huge success and exceeded all expectations.

“The interest shown by those who attended was great and I feel we did raise awareness within the university on the issue of child trafficking.”

“I learned a lot about the issue of child trafficking and I was really shocked at the actual figures and what is really going on out there. It was an eye opening experience.”

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