School of Education strengthens research profile

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Media Release

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Fall 22-4-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney’s School of Education is moving forward into new areas of educational research.

ICT Lecturer, Dr Chris Campbell, has recently published The role of the Internet in primary school classrooms: From learning and teaching perspectives.

The book is based on her PhD thesis and investigates ways in which the Internet is used to support teaching and learning in classrooms.

“This book has just been released, which is very exciting. Having it published is a great beginning for my future research and for the University as I feel it is contributing to an ever changing field,” said Dr Campbell.

Early Childhood Senior Lecturer, Dr Cynthia a’ Beckett, is working on an entry in a soon-to-be-published work tentatively titled, Imaginative Theory, Imaginative Practice. The book focuses on different approaches to imaginative education in all levels of teaching.

Dr a’ Beckett’s contribution draws from her thesis – Playing in the In-between: implications for early childhood education of new views on social relation.

Dean of Education, Associate Professor Mark Tannock, said these works demonstrate the School’s commitment to educational research and the critical interface between theory and practice.

“Dr a’ Beckett and Dr Campbell have been important additions to our academic staff over the last 12 months. They joined our community with strong records in research and have continued in this since their arrival.

“As a School we will continue to explore further research opportunities that benefit both our students and our colleagues in the Catholic, public and independent school sectors,” said Associate Professor Tannock.

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