Students enliven teaching through movement

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Media Release

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Fall 10-3-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

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Encouraging children to explore the value, joy and expression of movement in relation to language arts (rhymes, poetry, stories), visual arts, music and drama is a challenge extended to 2nd year Health and Physical Education students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus.

Under the direction of experienced music and drama teacher, Dr Joan Pope, students are learning the importance of music and drama in a child’s development through their class - Movement and The Arts.

This semester, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, Mr Paul Rycroft, has arranged for students from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Fremantle, to have the opportunity to participate in this lively and fun class which combines aspects of drama, dance and music.

The children are taught about appreciating art through movement and how it influences everyday life.

St Patrick’s Principal, Dr Keith Mc Naught said that the children really enjoyed the sessions.

“St Patrick’s is beginning a school-university partnership arrangement in 2009, where the two parties work to build linkages and relationships, which benefit both.

“During term two and three, St Pat’s will take a number of practicum students, with a recent staff member, Jacinta Peterson, now a Notre Dame Practicum Supervisor, working in the school in this new role. Those practicum students will be encouraged to ‘go the extra mile’ to provide additional learning opportunities for children, such as running ‘clubs’, or coaching sporting teams.

Dr Mc Naught, was a Notre Dame staff member for five years, so is keen to align programs and opportunities.

“One of our teacher assistants has commenced her teacher training at Notre Dame this year, and we provide her with flexible release times to attend classes”, commented Keith.

“Given our close proximity, it’s easy to manage, and, in the process, we encourage our staff to upgrade their qualifications.”

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