Nursing School bucks the trend with male enrolments

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Media Release

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Summer 29-1-2009

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The University of Notre Dame, Sydney Campus

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The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus graduated its first cohort of nursing students in December 2008.

Out of the 29 students that graduated, more than 20% were male - a ratio that is approximately three times the national trend.

Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of Nursing, Sydney, Professor Margot Kearns, said traditionally the nursing profession has been female dominated, with males comprising only 5-7% of the nursing workforce.

“It is pleasing to see that more male students are enrolling in our course. Across the entire School we have nearly 15% males in the student body, with a range of ages and backgrounds.

“Having more males in the course really changes the dynamics of a class and adds a different dimension to discussions and debates,” said Professor Kearns.

Nursing graduate, Carlo Esteban, was 35 when he started at Notre Dame. He said he decided to study nursing because he wanted a job that was fulfilling.

“It never really bothered me that I was entering into a profession chosen predominately by females. I just wanted to do something that helped people; the gender ratio wasn’t an issue.

“I chose to study at Notre Dame because I liked the idea of having smaller classes and a much larger clinical practicum component,” said Mr Esteban.

Second year student, Mitchell Wilson, was a school leaver when he applied to study nursing. He said he initially found the idea of taking a course, where the majority of the students were female, daunting.

“It was scary at first, but once I started the course and made friends I realised that everyone, male or female, had similar interests and it didn’t really matter anymore. “I really enjoy studying nursing at Notre Dame. There is a great mix of people, including school-leavers and mature-aged students. It’s a really tight-knit group,” said Mr Wilson.

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