Greek community shows its support for Notre Dame

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Media Release

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Spring 19-11-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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The spirit and vitality of Greek culture and language is alive and thriving in Fremantle, thanks to the tremendous passion and support from the Greek community towards The University of Notre Dame Australia’s (UNDA) Greek Studies Program.

In a testament to the outstanding work of Greek Studies Lecturer and course coordinator, Savvas Papasavvas, the Greek community has responded by throwing their support behind his vision of keeping the ancient culture alive and current for generations to come.

Offering an in-depth study, including Greek and Cypriot literature, Greek social-linguistics and history of the Hellenic Diasporas, UNDA Dean of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor Dylan Korczynskyj, said Mr Papasavvas’ comprehensive program, combined with his professional approach and tireless dedication, were key elements to its success.

“He is a wonderful diplomat and community liaison, regularly travelling to Greece and Cyprus to lobby governments for support, organising many cultural activities and promoting Greek Heritage in Western Australia to hundreds of Greek-Australian supporters,” Associate Professor Korczynskyj said.

“This work has greatly assisted the University to forge strong working relationships with the Consul of Greece in Perth and other members of the State and national Greek communities.”

In a demonstration of the program’s high-regard within the Greek community, Greek Consul to Perth, Sofia Choli and recently appointed Greek Ambassador to Australia, Alexios Christopoulos, recently requested a visit to UNDA, to learn more about the course and to meet with Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond.

Associate Professor Korczynskyj said the Ambassador was delighted to have the opportunity to visit UNDA and visits like these were integral for strengthening the relationship with the Greek Government, who in turn provided students with scholarships and support for the Program.

“Some expatriates are concerned that over time the Greek language and cultural identity will be eroded and ultimately lost. The determination to not allow this to happen is evident from the Greek community’s support of our Program,” he said.

“Sharing this concern, Hellenic Community President, Evan Kakulas and Treasurer Peter Agapitos visited us earlier this month to offer their support by donating annual funding to the Program to encourage more people to study Greek.”

In a further display of support, High Commissioner of Cyprus, Yannis Iacovou, visited UNDA earlier this week to present Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Jan Thomas, with a cheque from the Cyprus High Commission, Canberra, in support for the Program.

“Mr Iacovou is particularly interested in fostering relationships between UNDA and Cypriot Universities as it would provide greater opportunities for our students involved in the Study Abroad Program and the School’s Experience the World Program to engage in real-world experiences,” Associate Professor Korczynskyj said.

Associate Professor Korczynskyj added that each visit by members of the Greek community was also an opportunity to discuss the ongoing cultural events hosted by UNDA and to highlight the importance of such engagements for the School and University’s mission.

“In 2010 we have a healthy enrolment of students undertaking both beginner and advanced level studies of Greek language and culture. Our Greek supporters are part of the backbone of this Program and with them our commitment to keep this magnificent culture alive lives on through our students for generations to come.”

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