Notre Dame Opens New Building in Fremantle's West End

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Media Release

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Spring 9-11-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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State Minister for Education; Tourism, Dr Elizabeth Constable, joined the Archbishop of Perth, the Most Reverend Barry James Hickey, to open a new state-of-the-art education building on The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus.

At the official Blessing and Opening of the substantial new limestone building, a special tribute was made to Notre Dame’s second Vice Chancellor, Dr Peter Tannock AM by naming the building the Tannock Hall of Education.

Panoramic views from the building’s top-floor in Fremantle’s West End provided a spectacular backdrop to the celebrations in a fine example and testament to the good work of the University’s long-standing architects, Marcus Collins Architects and builders, W. Fairweather & Son.

Noting Dr Tannock’s vision and determination as drivers for the success of the University, Vice Chancellor Professor Celia Hammond said naming the building after him would ensure his role continued to inspire and remain in the consciousness of all who followed.

“No doubt Peter will, with true modesty, try to deflect attention from himself. He will say, and rightly so, that the existence of this University is because of God’s grace and God’s will,” Professor Hammond said.

“He will also say, again correctly, that it is a combination of dedicated staff and wonderful supporters who have created not only this building, but also this University.

“All of this is correct – and while I hesitate to openly challenge Peter on this of all nights, I would say that for God’s grace to be allowed to flourish through this University, and for all the earthly forces to combine together, they needed the leadership, the passion, the conviction, determination, persistence, drive and love of Peter Tannock.

“However he tries to deflect attention from himself, the truth is, without Peter, this building and this University would not exist.”

In her official Opening address, Dr Constable said she regarded Dr Tannock as a colleague whom she admired and appreciated for his remarkable contributions to education, both in Australia and overseas.

“We know him as a teacher, as a university professor, as an administrator - and we know him for his pivotal role in the development of the Catholic school sector and the development of this University,” Dr Constable said.

“Since the University opened its doors, there has been a hundredfold increase in students from 70 to 7000. We don‘t have to look too far to recognise that this extraordinary achievement rests with Dr Tannock, far-sighted University trustees, and supporters who dared to dream – and then dared to achieve it.”

In his response, Dr Tannock said he was extremely happy to be associated with the new building and expressed his thanks to all those who had made it possible.

“My happiness reflects my life-long passion for Catholic education which embraces its history, its place in the Church, in our society and its future,” Dr Tannock said.

He concluded by giving special thanks to the Church, in particular Archbishop Barry Hickey, and to the University for the welcome and opportunity they had given him.

This is the second building the University has purpose-built and has been funded by a combination of Federal and State Governments, private benefactors, and the University.

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