Internationally renowned educator speaks of Mission integrity in Catholic education

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Media Release

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Winter 28-8-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus

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World renowned education author and academic, Professor Gerald Grace, explored the mission of Catholic education and shared his findings on the imperative of integrity within Catholic schools, during a seminar held at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus.

Professor Grace is the Director of the Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. The Centre undertakes research on the distinctive history and culture of Catholic schooling and issues of ethos, curricula, leadership and 'effectiveness' of Catholic education, nationally and internationally.

Academics from the University and guests listened to Professor Grace identify the authentic mission of Catholic Education and evaluate the extent to which contemporary Catholic schools are effective in pursuing their original mandate from the Church.

“The crucial research question for the future appears to be, is the spiritual capital of leadership being reconstituted in new ways or is it being depleted? If the latter is the case then the mission integrity of Catholic schooling in the future could become much more problematic,” said Professor Grace.

Dean of the School of Education, Associate Professor Mark Tannock, said the seminar reminded all of the essential nature of the Catholic school.

“Professor Grace has challenged modern Catholic schools to revision themselves in light of their original mission. In particular, he clearly warns against the encroachment of the ‘surveillance state’ in relation to regulation and academic elitism. It was wonderful to hear firsthand the considered thoughts of such an authority on Catholic education,” said Associate Professor Tannock.

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