Law students academic excellence awarded

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Media Release

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Winter 31-8-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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Excellence and academic achievement in Law studies were recently rewarded to students of The University of Notre Dame Australia, at its annual St Thomas More Law School Awards night, at the Fremantle Campus.

Prominent Australian law firms sponsored the awards for Best Student in each year and outstanding achievements in all units, including Commercial Practice and Ethics, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Social Justice and Human Rights Law.

Four students: Brook Hobson, Angela Milne, Sarah Jane Power and Melanie Rifici, received four first place awards each, including achievements for the highest grade in individual law units.

Notre Dame’s Law School was dedicated to St Thomas More, Patron Saint of Lawyers, in 1997. The awards are held in his honour to remind students of his outstanding legal mind and pursuance of truth.

Other first place prizes awarded:

Bruce Bott Prize for the Best Honours Thesis - Jaye Alderson

Marcellan-Nagle Prize in Law for Best First Year Student - Madeline Bright

Mary McComish Prize in Ethics and the Law - Michelle Burge

First Place in Occupational Safety and Health Law - Sydney Chesson

James Mazza Prize in Evidence - Marissa Cumper

Clayton Utz Prize in Constitutional Law (joint winner) - Rebecca Davey

Scribblers Publishing Prize in Legal History - Aimee Donjerkovich

John H O’Halloran Scholarship - Claire Hawke-Gundill

First Place in Mental Health Law - Roger Hellier

Leo Wood Prize in Criminal Law - Lynette Hill

Russell-Roberts Prize in Law; Lavan Legal Prize in Commercial Practice and Ethics; Jackson McDonald Prize in Law for Best Fourth Year Student (joint winner); First Place in Environmental Law - Brooke Hobson

The LexisNexis Prize in Remedies (joint winner); Deacons Prize in Law for Best Juris Doctor Graduate - Nicole Holycross

Co-op Bookshop Prize in Equity and Trusts - Shivaun Hughes

First Place in Issues in Medical Law - Christopher Jackson

First Place in Indigenous Law - Sarah Jones

LexisNexis Prize in Administrative Law; First Place in Insolvency - Neal Kok

LexisNexis Prize in Legal Research and Writing - Emma Lea

CCH Australia Prize in Trade Practices Law -Fiona McCann

First Place in Construction and Building Contract Law - Genevieve McCarthy

Lawbook Co. Prize in Contracts; Lawbook Co. Prize in Torts; Lawbook Co. Prize in Property Law; Freehills Prize in Law for Best Second Year Student - Angela Milne

AMPLA Prize in Mining and Petroleum Law - Lyndsay O'Brien

Lavan Legal Prize in Advocacy - Ariane Owen

LexisNexis Prize in Remedies (joint winner) - Jason Pasqua

LexisNexis Prize in Human Rights Law - Jennifer Poland

Brett Davies Lawyers Prize in Taxation Law - Timothy Poli

LexisNexis Prize in Corporations and Partnerships Law; Clayton Utz Prize in Constitutional Law (joint winner); Mallesons Stephen Jaques Prize in Law for Best Third Year Student; First Place in Contemporary Legal Issues - Sarah Jane Power

LexisNexis Prize in Remedies (joint winner); Jackson McDonald Prize in Law for Best Fourth Year Student (joint winner); CCH Australia Prize in Family Law; CCH Australia Prize in Civil Procedure - Melanie Rifici

Minter Ellison Prize in Intellectual Property; LexisNexis Prize in Health Law; LexisNexis Prize in Succession -
Philippa Rogers

First Place in Legal Philosophy - Gregory Rogers (joint winner)

McCusker Scholarship in Law - Boris Stanislav

Freehills Social Justice Prize - Daniel Stojanoski

First Place in Employee Relations Law - Laura Thurston-Moon

Law Society of Western Australia Prize in Legal Process - Teresa Ventris

First Place in Legal Philosophy - Catherine Wickens

LexisNexis Prize in Commercial Law - Rozlyn Zanich

Geraldine Byrne Prize for Service to the School of Law - Emma Cavanagh

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