Notre Dame’s Dream Team strikes again

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Media Release

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Winter 19-8-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus

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A team of commerce students from The University of Notre Dame Australia’s (UNDA) Fremantle Campus have won first-prize in Deloitte Australia’s 2010 Dream Team competition, maintaining their presence in the ‘winners circle’ for the fourth-year running.

Winning first place and a cash prize of $500 each, students: Yhana Duffy, Daniel Kierath, Ben Vella and Joshua Wilkes competed against teams from The University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University.

Held by leading international accounting firm, Deloitte Australia, the annual competition provides Western Australian commerce students with the opportunity to meet industry experts and develop core business skills via ‘real world’ scenarios and case studies.

This year’s challenge required each of the 12 university teams to take on the fictitious profile of a joint venture participant in a large oil & gas project.

Students were tasked with developing crisis management plans, corporate governance, corporate communications and financial strategies.

Competition Director, Nicole Musolino, said the winning team had a consistently high-level of performance across the entire competition, delivering an innovative, strategic and compelling final presentation.

“This year has seen the highest standard yet and I’m amazed by how savvy and innovative the students are,” she said.

“The top 48 were chosen from over 250 young professionals and they all have extremely promising futures ahead of them. We hope to see some of them joining Deloitte in the future!”

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