CEO, Sydney shares ‘wealth of knowledge’ through Notre Dame book donation

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Media Release

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Winter 21-7-2010

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus

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The Catholic Education Office (CEO), Sydney and The University of Notre Dame Australia have strengthened their partnership through the ‘passing of knowledge’ between the two institutions.

The CEO, Sydney has generously donated books from their Barry Collins Resource Centre to the University. The collection comprises over 1,000 books in a range of disciplines. In particular, there are a number of texts on Education, Literacy, Religious Education, Theology and general texts on the Catholic Church.

Dean of Education, Associate Professor Mark Tannock, said the University and the School of Education are extremely grateful for this generous donation to their resources.

“This collection is an invaluable contribution to the University’s Sydney library collection.

“Most importantly, it will contribute significantly to the resources available for the training and development of the 1,000 pre-service teachers enrolled in Education.

“The School of Education and the CEO, Sydney have a strong working relationship and this act of generosity only strengthens the tie between our two institutions.

“I am particularly thrilled by the large collection of Religious Education texts in the collection. Many of our students will be teaching Religious Education in Catholic schools upon graduation and these books will improve their capacity to deliver the essential component of the Catholic school curriculum,” said Associate Professor Tannock.

CEO, Sydney Head of Communications, Mark Rix, said they are very happy to pass on this valuable collection to Notre Dame.

"The original purpose of Barry Collins Resource Centre was to provide resources to teachers completing their accreditation to teach Religious Education. The collection has grown significantly over the years to provide research support to countless numbers of teachers and CEO, Sydney staff. A recent decision to change the focus of the Resource Centre to a facility with a stronger research bias meant a re-engineering of that space. The new design means space is no longer available for many of the current books that line the shelves.

"We are delighted that the collection will remain accessible to our educators and staff in its new home. The real benefit of the donation is that we are able to share the wealth of knowledge that exists within our collection with many, many more people,” said Mr Rix.

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