Athlete healthcare behaviour: An ethnographer’s methodological conundrum


Behind every consumer’s decision about utilizing health care products and services are their perception of health and illness (Hughner, 2008). Such lay understanding affect consumers’ health behaviour and health outcomes (Moorman & Matulich, 1993); it also determines the choice and efficacy of conventional versus complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) products and services (Hughner, 2008).

This paper examines these choices amongst a group of competitive athletes, specifically swimmers. Competitive athletes operate in a unique social environment that may result in a culture that is different from the general population. As such this may influence the athletes' beliefs, motivations and impact on their health-seeking behaviour regardless of whether they are seeking help for an existing problem, for the prevention of problems, or for performance enhancement in their sport.


Published in Full, Athlete, Ethnography, Doping, CAM


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