DREEM analysis of a new medical course: What students think


Background: As a new course and one that is based on student-centred principles of learning, it is essential that the School of Medicine Fremantle evaluate the effectiveness of its 4 year MBBS course. Program developers are accountable to the students, the School’s accrediting body and the community at large in ensuring that students are well prepared for internship.

Summary of work: As such, the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) was administered to students in each year level at the end of 2008. Findings in the literature suggest that students’ perceptions of their learning environment actually influence learning outcomes. The global DREEM score was calculated for all four years as well as the global score for each of the five subscales.

Summary of results: The global score was 118 out of a possible 200 (59%) suggesting that the students are relatively satisfied with their learning environment. This is also evident in the students’ perceptions of learning (62%), atmosphere (62%), social life (65%) and academic self-perceptions (63%). However, they were not as satisfied with the teaching environment (47%).

Conclusions: These findings suggest that as a new medical school, Notre Dame is progressing relatively well.

Take-home messages: Nevertheless, DREEM has identified areas that need to be improved, namely students’ perceptions of teaching.




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