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Abdominal pressure and gastrointestinal function: an inseparable couple?


Evaluating the degree of organ dysfunction is a cornerstone in distinguishing patients with critical illness from those without. However, evaluation of the gastrointestinal function in critically ill patients is not unified, and is still largely based on subjective clinical evaluation. Although intra-abdominal pressure has been proposed as a parameter to facilitate monitoring of abdominal compartment in critical illness, the interactions between intra-abdominal pressure and gastrointestinal function are poorly clarified. The aim of this current review is to describe interactions and associations between gastrointestinal dysfunction and intra-abdominal pressure from a pathophysiological and clinical point of view.


intra-abdominal hypertension, gastrointestinal function; gastrointestinal failure, acute gastrointestinal injury, critical illness, microbiome

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