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Predictors of uptake of influenza vaccination: A survey of pregnant women in Western Australia



Pregnant women are at increased risk of complications following influenza infection. Vaccination is the most effective preventive strategy. This survey aimed to determine the levels of uptake of influenza vaccine in pregnant women in Western Australia (WA), the proportion of women offered vaccination as part of antenatal care, and women’s attitudes toward influenza vaccination in pregnancy.


Computer assisted telephone interviews were conducted with 416 randomly selected women who were pregnant during the 2012 influenza vaccination season.


Influenza vaccination coverage was 23%. Predictors of vaccination included believing that vaccination is safe for the infant, having been recommended vaccination by an antenatal care provider, and attending a general practitioner for most antenatal care. The majority (74%) of unvaccinated women reported that they would have the vaccine if their antenatal care provider recommended it.


influenza vaccination, pregnant women, Western Australia

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