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Predictors of the depressive symptomatology of the family caregivers of Chinese stroke patients in Hong Kong


No previous Hong Kong study has explored the relationship between stroke survivors and their carers' depressive symptoms. The severity of Chinese stroke patients' depressive symptoms, their caregivers' perceptions of their own health, and the adversity of recent life events are the crucial factors associated with caregivers' depressive symptoms. Caregivers' depressive symptoms are correlated with those of stroke survivors, although the causal connection and its direction could not be established. Teaching effective stress management skills to caregivers and care recipients could reduce emotional stress and related depressive symptoms. Doing so would, in turn, lessen caregivers' physical health problems, resulting in better quality of life for both the providers and recipients of care, and thus a better caregiving outcome. Educational programmes for stroke caregivers and stroke survivors should be made available in the community.



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