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Fibrin glue and porcine-derived mesh repair of ruptured umbilical hernia in a patient with ascites


Background: Rupture of an umbilical hernia carries a risk of high mortality for patients with liver failure complicated by ascites. There is no consensus on the management of this condition, as it has been managed both conservatively and operatively.

Methods: We report a case which demonstrates a unique surgical approach to the management of a spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia in a patient with liver cirrhosis and ascites with the porcine-derived mesh and Tisseel™ fibrin glue.

Results: The wound has remained intact and there is no recurrence at his twelve-month follow-up.

Conclusion: We report the feasible use of Tisseel™ fibrin glue with porcine mesh to successfully repair a ruptured umbilical hernia in a cirrhotic patient with gross ascites.

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