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A comparison of mental health hospital admissions in a cohort of heroin users prior to and after rapid opiate detoxification and oral naltrexone maintenance


Mental health (MH) hospital admissions were investigated in a cohort (N = 1184) of heroin dependent persons using linked health records. All MH in-patient admissions were extracted 36 months before to 36 months after commencing rapid opioid detoxification (ROD) and oral naltrexone. Results show that the incidence rate ratio (IRR) of drug-related and other MH admissions peaked in the 3 months immediately prior to treatment. All categories subsequently declined to baseline levels by 36 months following treatment. The authors conclude that treatment for heroin dependence reduces risk of MH admissions.


peer-reviewed, heroin, opioid dependence, oral naltrexone, rapid opioid detoxification (ROD), record linkage

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