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Validation of a new method for determination of cup orientation in THA


Our goal was to validate accuracy, consistency, and reproducibility/reliability of a new method for determining cup orientation in total hip arthroplasty (THA). This method allows matching the 3D-model from CT images or slices with the projected pelvis on an anteroposterior pelvic radiograph using a fully automated registration procedure. Cup orientation (inclination and anteversion) is calculated relative to the anterior pelvic plane, corrected for individual malposition of the pelvis during radiograph acquisition. Measurements on blinded and randomized radiographs of 80 cadaver and 327 patient hips were investigated. The method showed a mean accuracy of 0.7 ± 1.7° (-3.7° to 4.0°) for inclination and 1.2 ± 2.4° (-5.3° to 5.6°) for anteversion in the cadaver trials and 1.7 ± 1.7° (-4.6° to 5.5°) for inclination and 0.9 ± 2.8° (-5.2° to 5.7°) for anteversion in the clinical data when compared to CT-based measurements. No systematic errors in accuracy were detected with the Bland-Altman analysis. The software consistency and the reproducibility/reliability were very good. This software is an accurate, consistent, reliable, and reproducible method to measure cup orientation in THA using a sophisticated 2D/3D-matching technique. Its robust and accurate matching algorithm can be expanded to statistical models.


peer-reviewed, hip arthroplasty, cup orientation, 2D/3D-matching, inclination, anteversion

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