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Post-operative critical care and outcomes of limb replantation: Experience in a developing country


Replantation is the treatment of choice for traumatic amputation. Its success rates vary, reaching 80% in world's best centres. This study analyses management practices of replantation in a regional centre in a developing country. Out of six replantations, four were successful. The median warm ischaemia time of the severed limb was 4.5 h (range 1–13.5) and the median duration of general anaesthesia required for initial surgery was 6.25 h (range 4.7–8.0). All patients needed intensive care following replantation for a median of 7 days (range 5–15). Pulse oximetry values were observed to be the same in the graft and the patient in successful cases. Two grafts failed.


peer-reviewed, traumatic amputation, reperfusion injury, ischaemia time, limb replantation, post-operative critical care

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