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Hepatitis A and B vaccination: The rate of uptake and course completion in patients with Hepatitis C


Background: Western Australian general practitioners may order Department of Health funded hepatitis A and B vaccines for patients newly notified with hepatitis C to prevent complications associated with co-infections. The aim of this study was to determine vaccination uptake of hepatitis C patients through this program.

Methods: We reviewed hepatitis C notifications and hepatitis A and B vaccine orders received in 2007 and 2008 to determine the rate of vaccine uptake and course completion.

Results: Vaccination orders for initial doses were received for 37% (448/1209) of patients. Vaccination uptake was positively associated with age and non-Aboriginality. Final vaccination doses were ordered for 30% of patients for whom an initial order had been received.

Discussion: Uptake of hepatitis A and B vaccination was higher than that of similar populations. However, vaccination course completion was low. General practitioners need to emphasise to their patients the importance of completing a vaccine course.



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