Teaching models in physical education: Current and future perspectives


The study of teaching models used during the discipline of physical education has been the object of analysis over the last few years. Even so, due to the increasing reduction in the levels of participation in sport, there is a need to reflect on the most effective pedagogy and teaching models to reverse this trend. For these reasons, this review has as main objective to synthesize the teaching methodologies present in the literature. The search strategy comprised search words that combined one of two primary keywords (“physical education”, “teaching-learning process”, and “teachers), with a second keyword (“model”, “pedagogy”, “competency”) and a third keyword (“sports”, “games”). After applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 28 articles were counted for analysis. The results indicate that there is a need to strengthen the relationship between pedagogical theory and practice through innovation, which can emerge from the experimentation of new models, strategies, and teaching contents so that the discipline of physical education, in order to contribute unequivocally to the training of children and young people, resulting in lifelong involvement in physical activity.


teachers, teaching models, physical education, children

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