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Opportunities to link Heart Failure Guidelines and chronic disease management—preliminary considerations


Background: Enhancing community based Chronic Disease Management (CDM) will make significant impacts on all major chronic disease management outcome measures. There are no successful models of community hubs to triage and manage chronic diseases that significantly reduce readmissions, cost and improve chronic disease knowledge. Chronic heart failure (CHF) management foundations are built on guideline derived medical therapies (GDMT). These consensuses evidenced building blocks have to be interwoven into systems and processes of care which create access, collaboration and coordinate effective and innovative health services.

Methods: Perspective and short communication.

Conclusions: This review explores: (i) conventional chronic disease management in Australia; (ii) Possible options for future chronic diseases models of care that deliver key components of CHF management.


chronic disease management, clinical guidelines, chronic heart failure, epidemiology, processes of care, systems of care

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