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Qualities of a good training practice - Perceptions of advanced general practice registrars


Background: General practice registrars report satisfaction with their placements in Australian training practices. However, more needs to be known about which criteria comprise this global satisfaction.

Method: A questionnaire was sent to 61 general practice registrars in Western Australia who had recently completed a 6 month advanced term in a training practice, seeking feedback on the practice. They were asked to mark the training practice on a scale of one (lowest) to 10 (highest) according to how well the training practice met a range of criteria.

Results: General practice registrars who rated their training practice highly believed the required amount of effective teaching and supervision had been provided to them during the placement, and adequate time made available for consultations, case reviews, discussion, and tuition.

Discussion: General practice registrars rating their training practice highly were more likely to have been allowed time to undertake outside education activities. Registrars not rating their training practices highly may be compromised by clinical service commitments. Registrars who believed members of the practice staff (medical and nonmedical) other than the general practice trainer had contributed to their learning were more likely to rate their training practice highly.



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