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Attitudes and sexual behaviours associated with adolescent online pornography consumption: A critical commentary during COVID-19


Adolescents commonly seek out pornography, which affects their attitudes and behaviours. Furthermore, the current COVID-19 pandemic saw an unprecedented increase in pornography consumption worldwide. However, adults appear generally reluctant to engage children and youth in discussions about online pornography consumption. This article provides a critical commentary on issues related to pornography use, with a focus on attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours as part of the sexual development of adolescents. It aims to raise awareness and recommend implementing prevention and intervention education about adolescent online pornography consumption and associated harms. To this end, a narrative review of the academic literature was conducted. The paper discusses the intentional use of pornography by adolescents, potential benefits, gender differences, theoretical considerations, and effects associated with sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. It suggests that online pornography use is an important contemporary social issue that requires attention. Recommendations include the need for education about the negative social, behavioural, and legal impacts of pornography use. Openly discussing sexual consent is critically important and a way to engage adolescents in prevention efforts. Additional research is needed to better understand the nature, extent, and impact of online pornography consumption on adolescents with regard to age, gender, and specific cultural backgrounds.


adolescents, adolescent development, COVID-19, perceived realism, problematic pornography use, rape-myth acceptance, school, teenager

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