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A paediatric jaw lump: Desmoid tumour


Case: A girl aged 2.5 years presented to her general practitioner (GP) with a firm lump on her left jaw. The child had not noticed any change; however, her mother had noticed a swelling over the past week with no antecedent trauma. The patient did not complain of pain, mastication or airway compromise, paraesthesia or abnormal facial movements. She had a genetically confirmed past medical history and family history of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). She did not taken any medications and had no other social or medical history.

Clinically she had a firm immobile swelling of the left mandibular body measuring 12 × 9 mm with no soft tissue induration or skin changes. Her cranial nerve examination was normal. Her deciduous dentition had no caries, mucosal changes, intra-oral swellings or lymphadenopathy. The floor of the mouth and palate was normal. Her other systems were unremarkable.


case, general practice, jaw lump, Desmoid tumour

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