Heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear protein l-like (hnRNPLL) is an RNA binding protein that regulates alternative splicing of mRNA and is abundantly expressed in memory T lymphocytes of the immune system and in the brain. A hypomorphic allele of the gene encoding hnRNPLL (Hnrpllthunder) selectively reduces T cell accumulation in lymphoid tissues, but little is known about its effects in the brain. Therefore, we exposed Hnrpllthunder mice to a test battery with relevance for a range of psychiatric illnesses. Thunder mice showed enhanced immobility in the tail-suspension test for depression-related behaviours, impaired short-term spatial memory in the Y-maze and reduced avoidance learning in the active avoidance test. Thus, in addition to its reported effects on immune function, the hnRNPLL mutation in thunder mice selectively affected aspects of behaviour.


Heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear protein l-like (hnRNPLL)T cells, Depression, Anxiety, Learning and memory, Prepulse inhibition, Locomotor activity

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