Aim: Our aim was to use epidemiological data to determine the incidence of soccer‐related head injuries in children aged 5–14 years who presented at emergency departments (EDs) or were admitted in hospitals in Victoria, Australia.

Methods: ED presentation and hospital admission de‐identified aggregate data were from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit. Soccer participation data were compared with the soccer‐related head injury data to determine the incidence of this injury among these children.

Results: The incidence of ED presentations was 0.17% of children participating in soccer during the study period (financial years 2011–2012 to 2015–2016). The 10–14‐years age group presented with more head injuries than the 5–9‐years age group. For the admissions data, soccer had a significantly lower (P = 0.0379) incidence of head injury when compared with ‘sport as a whole’.

Conclusions: The low incidence of soccer‐related head injuries presenting to an ED or admission to hospital is consistent with international findings.


children, emergency department, head injury, soccer, Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit

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